If mortgage rates rise in 2015, will house prices drop?

As seen in www.ochousingnews.com Assuming a consistent payment, higher mortgage rates decrease the size of the loan and reduce the amount borrowers can bid on real estate; therefore, if rising mortgage rates results in smaller loan balances, then either sales volumes will go down, or house prices will go down, or perhaps some combination of both. This isn’t speculation; it’s basic math. So which outcome seems more likely? If we had a free market without government and lender manipulation, prices would fall, perhaps precipitously depending on the market; however, we don’t have a free market, and our government, federal reserve, and a cartel of too-big-too-fail lenders are manipulating the housing market in an effort to drive up house prices. Since must-sell shadow inventory morphed into can’t-sell cloud inventory, I think it likely that home sales will be depressed for several years. If we had cleared the market, hedge funds and other investors would have purchased millions of homes, and sales volumes would have been much higher. Of course, this would have bankrupted the banks, so another path was taken, but this path has consequences. If the plan is to sell these homes to owner-occupants and higher prices — a group struggling with high unemployment, low savings, high debt levels, and poor credit scores — then it’s going to be a long, slow slog. Source: http://ochousingnews.com/blog/mortgage-rates-rise-2015-will-house-prices-drop/#ixzz3NoNKRkti

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